What Happens When You Request an Inspection

Septic system schematic.jpg

When you order an inspection, we will schedule a pending appointment on our inspection calendar.

Next, we'll send you an inspection agreement. Please complete and it and send it back to us. If the inspection is being conducted pursuant to the sale of property, both the seller and buyer must complete and sign the agreement. Sellers and buyers should work cooperatively to return the signed agreement by noon on the business day prior to the appointment. For example, if the inspection is scheduled for Monday, return the signed agreement no later than Friday at 12pm.

Upon receipt of the signed agreement, we'll confirm the appointment time and get to work preparing for the inspection.

We conduct inspections Monday - Thursday of every week.

After conducting the inspection, Westfall prepares the report, which includes the completed inspection forms, as-built drawings, photos, county records and permits, a septic system guide for homeowners, and a maintenance log.

On Friday, we email the report to the party who paid for the inspection. You also receive an inspection report binder with this information by mail.

During the appointment, Westfall inspectors will not discuss the outcome of the inspection with anyone onsite. We follow this rule so our staff can focus on the field investigation and then return to our office to complete the report. 

Sometimes a septic system fails the inspection. After Westfall emails the report to the party who paid for the inspection, we’ll prepare a bid for necessary repairs for any party who requests one.

Please Note!!

The septic tank must be empty for us to conduct the inspection. It's not possible to examine the system and component parts when the tank is full. The good news: we know a super company that can accomplish this for you!