Our motto is “Setting a Higher Standard” in the septic service industry. We take it seriously! From our knowledgeable office staff to our uniformed expert technicians, everyone at Westfall is dedicated to on-time, professional, and thorough service. We spend a lot of time thinking about septic tanks and their contents... so you don't have to!


Backup pumper truck

A Cleaner Approach

Many septic pumping companies use the homeowner’s hose to provide water for the process. That means the same hands that touch the tank touch the homeowner’s property. At Westfall, we use our own hoses and septic pumping equipment. Our trucks feature a pressure washer to clean the tank thoroughly, removing build-up on the tank baffles and surfaces. Every hose is cleared and capped before it’s rolled back up, to ensure no residual sewage spills into your yard. And should we need access to your home, we wear shoe coverings. This approach keeps your house and yard clean, and it reflects our higher standard of service.

Get a Check-Up Too

A check-up can uncover problems before they lead to costly septic repairs – or even worse, a complete system failure. Our check-up is like an engine diagnostic test - it evaluates how efficiently your system is working. Only Westfall Septic provides a 28-point check-up with each tank pumping. Our goal is to give homeowners the necessary info so they can maintain their systems and avoid expensive emergency work.

Besides identifying the tank material and the size of your tank, Westfall ensures that all materials meet DEQ code requirements. We also note the condition of tank and pump components, along with the following: 

  • Condition of clean-out

  • Tank access meets DEQ code

  • Tank lid properly sealed

  • Proper slope of inlet line from house to tank

  • Signs of sewage above normal level

  • Signs of root infiltration

  • Condition of tank

  • Internal tank plumbing adequate

  • Tank draining properly

  • Condition of distribution box

  • Outlet line has proper slope

  • Pipes free of buildup

  • Proper flow of sewage

  • Distribution box draining properly

  • Solids present in distribution box

  • Condition of drain field

You can do your part to maintain a well-operating system by following these septic system tips.

Where Does It Go?

Contents of our pumper trucks are transported to our eastern Oregon treatment facility and are eventually returned to the earth as fertilizer. Read about the recycling process here.

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