A Homeowner's Guide to Septic Safety

Westfall Septic wants to make sure you and your loved ones know the safety precautions to take with your septic system. We highly recommend following the septic system safety tips below. 

Use a sturdy septic lid and mark off its location. Your septic tank access port should be covered with a sturdy lid. To keep children safe this cover should not be easily removed. If you are unsure of the placement of your septic system we can help you locate each part of your system and provide you with an as-built diagram for future reference.

Don’t lean over the tank opening. The gases could be knock you unconscious and you could fall in, which could be fatal.

Keep flames away from the tank. The contents of the tank produce methane gas, which is very flammable. Keep brush fires and even lit cigarettes away from the tank.

Be alert to shock and electrical wire hazards. When digging outside make sure to watch out for buried electrical or mechanical lines. Breaking through these lines can result in electrocution.

Don't enter or retrieve someone from a tank. Never enter a tank unless you are specifically trained and wearing special equipment that includes a self-contained breathing apparatus. If someone falls into a tank, do not go in after the person unless you are equipped with a self-contained breathing apparatus. Instead, call emergency services and place fans around the top of the tank opening to blow in fresh air.

Wash up afterwards. If you do work near a septic system, examine your skin for cuts and abrasions, and wash exposed skin thoroughly. Septic systems can contain serious viral and bacterial hazards.

Don’t drive over it. Heavy machinery over a system can compress the ground and put too much stress on the system, leading to cracked pipes and costly repairs.

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